"Totally wicked Bruv"

Bradley is one of Stacey's best friends/mates or whatever boys call it! She is also his girlfriend and they got together after the summer fete where they kissed. He is into sport and does a lot of Rugby. He is also very popular at school, and by dating Stacey, he is making her rise in popularity to.


Bradley is described as being 'Strong' and 'V.V.Muscular'. He is quite good looking, but in a different way from Jack. He has dirty blonde hair which he styles into a 'freaky side parting/combover thing' and his eyes are grey-blue. he is shorter than Stacey, but then so are most boys!


Bradley is the 'King' of all the KS3 boys cos he is 'Totally Wicked Bruv'. He is very popular because he is very strong and his opinion counts big time. Despite all this big manly exterior, he is actually really nice and kind inside, but just needs to think more before he acts. He is kind to Stacey when they are going out, but i don't think has ever quite got over the time he saw her in her underwear!


Bradley met 'The Gang' in pre-school. He is Jack's next door neighbour and they tell each other everything. As he is very popular, he has been out with lots of different girls, including Kimberley. This ended when Kimberley lied and humiliated Bradley in front of everyone by saying she and jack were an item, but ended up just humiliating herself.