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This is my wiki, or should i say our wiki as i want you to help write it, about my book '10 things i could've taught Shakespeare'. It is a funny book about a girl named, low behold, Stacey Parker. I hope you liked my book, and if you haven't read it, this passage will give you the incentive to try it! Please help edit it, add pictures and text, and if you really want to, completely re-write it! ENJOY!

Unfortunatly, I haven't finished the wiki yet and hardly any characters are done but in due course, It will be finished! :D

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10 THINGS I COULD'VE TAUGHT SHAKESPEARE is a book that i wrote when i was 12. It is about a girl named Stacey Parker, whose life is extremely mad and funny and lots of things go wrong! In this wiki, there is a summary of the different characters and also a lot of other things which i can't be bothered to write down here.

In Short, Enjoy!

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